Tuesday, 24 February 2009

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Hello Again!




News from the Ted and Petal Household

Hi Guys, its Petal here. All is well in the land of Ted and Petal, we have organised our first buying trip, which is super! We are heading up to Hull on Friday 6th March to get our first bunch of clothes. We are both very excited about this and are planning on coming back with some wonderful pieces.
Ted is well and is currently creating a Facebook group so log on right now and join. This is another way of keeping you posted about current affairs where Ted and Petal are concerned. Keep a look out for the photoshoot which will be up here in the next couple of weeks.
Take care everyone and we'll speak to you soon. x

Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Ted and Petals First Blog

Ted and Petal is an online vintage retailing company that provides high quality and unique vintage clothing for men and women. In addition to the online shop Ted and Petal will also travel to universities around England providing students with a convenient way of purchasing vintage clothes. This will also give Ted and Petal the opportunity to promote the online business and develop a good reputation for providing high quality directional vintage clothing.